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The ECCEd programme was great learning experience. The faculty members have provided constant support to all of us. The experience has groomed me very well both professionally and personally. Practical exposure provided to us was very crucial and of great help to learn various skills of teaching young children.
It demands lot of hard work but it is absolutely worth it!

The experience gained during the ECCEd programme has been an enlightening one that would remain with me for long. The guidance from the Supervisor and the Coordinator has made me overcome my weaknesses and learn new things. They have always appreciated our work and motivated us to bring out the best from within. The workshops and field gave us a good knowledge to carry further. I thank Garodia’s Academy – Dept. of ECCEd for providing me such a wonderful experience in which I got to learn and explore new things.

The six month ECCEd programme was an enriching experience for me as I got a hands-on experience of working with children by conducting lessons for them. Teachers and staff of the department are very cooperative. The programme enhanced my creativity as well. Dramatization and independent week was an add-on to my learning.

The ECCEd Programme has taught me many new things, working with children, creative activities, completing home assignments/ submissions in the allotted time frame, working as a team, patience, dramatization that personally helped me to overcome my stage fear. We had a very good support of our Supervisor and Coordinator. The Independent week provided the most enriching experience.