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  • The programme provides professional training needed to understand and promote children’s all round development and learning.
  • Extensive internship and field experiences provide students’ an opportunity to make practical applications of the theory taught.
  • Students will have the opportunity to acquire skills through practical and written assignments, which will be of continuing benefit throughout their career.
  • Performance assessment on regular basis.
  • Teaching Aids Exhibition held to showcase the creative work of trainees.
  • Convocation ceremony organized for trainees to award the Certificate and Marksheet.
  • Job-oriented Programme.

Certificate of E.C.C.ED.

Duration: Six Months
Days: Monday & Friday – Practical & Internship
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – Theory
Sessions on Saturdays, if required
Students will be taken for Field Visits on any of the weekdays.
Time : Monday & Friday – 8:30am to 2:30pm
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – 2:30pm to 5:00pm


Course Content



Unit Module Unit Module
1. The Developing Child 1. Internship (Conducting lessons for Preschool Children – Internal and External and Independent Week)
2. Historical Approaches of Early Childhood Education 2. Observations
3. Observation and Assessment 3. Journals/ Folders
4. Environment for Young Children 4. Presentations
5. Diverse Learners 5. Field Visits
6. Subject Proficiency
7. Understanding Behavior of Children and Working with Parents
8. Child as a Learner
9. Creating a Positive Environment

The Internship programme has two terms. In the first half the student would be placed in the lab school (Garodia’s Academy) to observe and conduct lessons. In the second half, they would be taken to a recognized school for conducting lessons.

Assessment and Certification

Assessment is based on students’ performance in assignments in the form of internship, field work, presentations, folders/journals and examinations. Theory and practical are assessed through a planned grading system.

Certificate will be awarded to students upon satisfactory completion of the following:

  1. Minimum 40% marks on assignments and presentations of all modules
  2. Minimum 50% marks for internship and other practical work
  3. Minimum 75% class attendance and participation